I am so pleased to say my blog has been nominated for the Fascination Awards top Zentangle Teacher blogs. 🙂 Voting has started, and I’m proud to be among these great blogs they have found. Please click the badge below to cast your vote, Here’s how to vote: 1. Make sure you have upgraded to Google Plus. If not, you will find the Google Plus UPGRADE Button on the Top Left of the page when you view their post in step…

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  We had a Munny customization contest at work today for our 10th anniversary. I wasn’t allowed to enter to win, but I made one anyway because I wanted to =) Munny’s are white vinyl figures that you can decorate however you want. Google image search “munny” and you’ll see quite a few amazing figures. I decorated a “Trikky” and they start out like the one to the right. I decided to make mine a Fennic Fox.  

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