Beehive Cake

So my cake obsession continues…. It was my mother’s 50th birthday this year, and since that’s pretty momentous I decided to bake her a cake. (I know, extravagant, I should’ve toned it down a bit.) Since I couldn’t think of a truly unique and from the heart gift I decided to make the cake my gift. My mom has always loved bees and so I went to town making a Beehive Cake. With the help of my awesome friend Christina…

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This cake is no lie

I made this awesome cake the other day. It was two yellow cake layers with homemade butter cream frosting and strawberries layered inside and out. Yummm. It was wicked good. It only lasted 2 days in my house. I wanted to post it here because I made the cake to have fun decorating it and I think it came out alright! Maybe next I’ll Zentangle® a cake.. =) Mmm, I’m thinking chocolate swirls.

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