A New Blog and Zentangles

My mom has started a blog and I will be posting some material on there as well. It’s name is Inspiring Serendipity. If you like delicious recipes, crafty explorations and good old advice, check it out! =) My first post on there can be found here. It’s got a tip on how to get inspired to a task you might be putting off. On another note, I’m still trying to figure out how to juggle my Zentangles with my Watercolors. Sometimes…

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Zoological Illustration

I love painting animals. It hasn’t been my focus persay, but I really do enjoy it. I found an illustrator today, Evan Barbour, today who does beautiful animal illustrations. His birds are phenomenal! About those blue jays… =) He says he started with watercolors but has since introduced other materials as his technique has evolved. You can see his website here: His website is also an inspiration. It’s always good to see websites that really work just as well as the…

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