Billiards Mural

I got the Billiards Mural up and finished! I had to take a couple last minute reference photos using their billiards table, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I’d like to put a frame around it to protect it a bit more, but that’s a project for later. I had a lot of fun on these two murals, I’ve love to do more of them!    

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Bathroom murals in progress

I started work on Area 23’s murals! First up: The bathrooms! I dug out our (very) old projector and had to boot up my (even older) laptop to transfer the sketches onto the wall. Kirk was kind enough to take some photos of the progress. It’s been a while since I worked in acrylics on this scale, but I love how they’re coming along.

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Sketches for a Mural

I met with the two owners over at this new bar-in-progress called Area 23. The two guys are great, very quirky and geeky. I asked if they had need of a bartender or artist, and they mentioned that they’d like to have some artwork on the walls. I think they’ll be some fun guys to work for. I worked up some sketches for them, the one above to overlook their billiards table, and the two below to indicate the bathrooms. I took inspiration…

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