Cape Cod

I went on an impromptu road trip this weekend to cape cod. Aaaaall the way to p-town, which I absolutely loved! The first thing I did was run to the ocean and put my feet in. The water was super warm, and I absolutely would have swam of there weren’t sharks.


There was a gay couple getting married on the beach and it was so romantic. What a great thing to see! I saw them again later on in p-town riding one of those bike taxis with cans clattering behind and a giant “just married” sign. I can’t lie, my heart was a bit jealous. 🙂
But that’s ok, I got to see the sea! There is nothing more relaxing and centering than standing by the ocean. I loved all the cool places in p-town, and Wellfleet was beautiful. I wandered through so many cool shops there. such a creative looking town! All in all, I feel much better after my little solo trip.
With pounds of chocolate, days at sea, and oodles of Zentangles, maybe I’ll feel better. 🙂
Speaking of tangling, here’s my Zentangle for the diva challenge this week. The prompt was to focus on borders… So here are my borders!
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Posted on: October 2, 2013

5 Comments on “Cape Cod

  1. Your tile is very beautiful!!!! When I see your photo's I can almost smell the sea that, like you, I love.

    A question: what is 'p town'?