Sleigh Bells Ringing

Oh would you look at that! The holidays are back again! I once again created the necessary signage for our town’s Festival of Trees and for the first year since helping out with this part of the project I have created the whole thing myself. The images are all painted in Photoshop by yours truly and the typography is mine as well. I’m no master typographer, but I think it’s pretty good.


The bells turned out so well that I can’t wait to do next years already. I am so ready for an artistic challenge. It’s been a while since I’ve had a set goal for my artwork. It is surprisingly hard to look at a blank page and “create” without any guidelines or requests.

Another side effect of helping with this event is that I get to decorate my own tree with the theme of “Sleigh Bells” and I also get to assist in the decoration of the town hall itself. Now, we’ve been known to tackle some pretty hefty challenges to keep ourselves busy… a real gingerbread village modeled after our town and a Ski Slope made up of dozens of little clay figures and trees to list the most recent projects. What will we do this year you ask? Well you’ll have to buy a ticket for the Preview Event to find out because I won’t be posting pictures til after the fact. I’ll say this much though, it will definitely jingle!

Posted on: October 12, 2012