CZT 7 – Day 2!

Ack! Day two never got uploaded after the RI tangle search. D=
These two Zentangles® were done at the seminar, the star is my 7-pointed start for this having been the 7th CZT training. The tile on the right is the first tile we did at the seminar during the intro class. =)

CZT7_7_web CZT7_FirstTangle_web
The second day of the certification seminar was as awesome as the first. We did lots of Zentangles and got to see what tangles a few of the others had found around RI. (or at home) I met a lot of pretty awesome ladies both days. I was surrounded by talent and creativity all day because of them!

There was some excitement when we spotted a mouse, but the little thing was just terrified of us. It was just a tiny brown thing.

We all tangled a section of a large Zentangle piece while we were there and they gave that away the second day. Everyone was to guess how many 20-sided dice were in a candy jar… I was 6 numbers off! It came down to me and one other lady and she got it. I was bummed but it’s good for her. I’m just amazed I was soooo close! If I hadn’t rounded I would have been exactly correct. (darn it right?)

Oh well, the seminar was great and now I am all certified and ready to teach Zentangle! We also got CZT badges. This is mine:


Don’t worry, I’ll post some watercolor progress work soon. =)

Posted on: October 14, 2011