Watercolor Class!

Watercolor Class!

I’m teaching a class! Beginner’s Watercolor to be exact, here’s the class info:

“This Saturday is a watercolor class for those of us who want to just get started with painting. I will be teaching some basic watercolor techniques including washes, graded washes, splatter, salt and even scraping the paint! Once  we have those down we’ll get painting! I have a lot more techniques up my sleeve I can teach you guys so I can’t wait to get started. The great thing about this class is that you don’t have to bring any supplies! Just bring yourself and the urge to learn and I’ll bring the rest.
Even if you know the basics already, you might learn something new!Class is 12-3 on Saturday the 23rd at wingdoodle.”

I cannot wait for this class, it’s gonna be so much fun. I already have about 3 students, and I have room for more – any takers? After this I may offer intermediate and advanced classes. I’d love to teach even more classes and really get people learning watercolor but it depends on people’s interest level. It would be great to just host watercolor nights where people can get together and paint a still life or go out and paint the outdoors with someone around who can share tips and tricks. (me!)

Speaking of watercolor, I also took part in a ATC swap project over at doodleswap.blogspot.com. Go check them out, it’s a pretty nifty idea and I had fun doing my cards. I’ll post a picture of my cards later and I’ll re-post when I get the others in the mail so you can see what I got!

Posted on: July 21, 2011