A new thing

So I’ve had this blog for years ever since I had to do a project for a programming class. Now I think I’ll refurbish it and use it for real this time! I’ve been trying to get stuff done – who isn’t? – and failing miserably. Perhaps by blogging I can hold myself more accountable and stop blaming things like sleep, books, sudoku or the cat.

First mission, make this blog look less like it’s a law firm. I need to figure out how to use one of my paintings as a sort of background maybe?

Second mission? Paint! I need to do two more experiments in the next week! Last week (I hope it was only last week) I painted trees. Trees have always been my achille’s heel and I finally painted a beautiful tree. Who knew that I needed to put down the paintbrush and pick up the paper towels? I didn’t see that one coming. Next I need to do a lot of trees! A background sort of woodland that isn’t too busy, and not too lame.


The second experiment will be my mother’s entrance hall. Right now, it’s all brown with a white archway painted along it. Next I will be adding vines, flowers, birdhouses and of course lots of birds! Ever painted a blue jay? Best thing ever. They are just so majestic.

Posted on: March 30, 2011