Welcome to Wild Paints, by Krystin Watts

Wild Paints offers a myriad of artistic services including murals, sign painting, watercolor artwork, holiday cards, business cards, logo work and more. If it needs paint or a touch of design, I’d love to consult with you to see if I’m the gal for the job.

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About Krystin Watts

A New Hampshire native, Krystin Watts achieved a BFA in Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Ink and watercolor are her preferred mediums for their versatility; with ink providing the satisfying line work for her pieces, and watercolor providing the opportunity to layer and “paint with light” as Krystin describes it. From a young age, Krystin was steeped in both nature and fantasy, absorbing literary works from Orson Scott Card, and J.K. Rowling among others; and playing outdoors to the tune of her imagination. She has carried her love of the whimsical into the work that can be seen today. Krystin continues to hone her craft as a freelancer. For Krystin’s most recent work, visit her Patreon.

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