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Kitty Commissions

I got a commission for some artwork of a few cats. She saw a painting I had done in a style of Acrylic paint on board, with Zentangle around it. One painting was of her friend’s cat, and the other… Read More

Dungeons and Dragons

We started a new DnD group with Will as our dungeon master. He’s got quite a fleshed out world, and he tasked me with creating the graphic for the god my character follows. So, I got to sketching and… Read More

Tangle challenges and turtles

I wanted to post my entry for challenge #145 from I am the diva, even though its way past due. It’s from her nov 18th post but it took me til now to finish it. 🙂 The challenge was… Read More

Cape Cod

I went on an impromptu road trip this weekend to cape cod. Aaaaall the way to p-town, which I absolutely loved! The first thing I did was run to the ocean and put my feet in. The water… Read More

Diva Challenge #137

I am so excited for fall! I made myself a seasonal bucket list, a good friend added to it, and now I can’t wait to start checking things off. I got my first one done yesterday, which was… Read More

Diva Challenge #135

Oh look! I finally completed a diva challenge! AND posted it! Haha. Usually they just sit happily in my sketchbook. 🙂 This one required the use of the new pattern “Well” from Rick and Maria. If you want… Read More


I have a new pattern to introduce you guys to. It’s the first pattern I’ve named and it is a little more complicated than patterns really ought to be. It was inspired by a woven rug at a… Read More


I am so pleased to say my blog has been nominated for the Fascination Awards top Zentangle Teacher blogs. 🙂 Voting has started, and I’m proud to be among these great blogs they have found. Please click the badge… Read More

A New Blog and Zentangles

My mom has started a blog and I will be posting some material on there as well. It’s name is Inspiring Serendipity. If you like delicious recipes, crafty explorations and good old advice, check it out! =) My first… Read More

CZT 7 – Day 2!

Ack! Day two never got uploaded after the RI tangle search. D= These two Zentangles® were done at the seminar, the star is my 7-pointed start for this having been the 7th CZT training. The tile on the… Read More