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Sneak peak

Here’s a sneak peak of a painting I’ve been working on, I think it’s just about finished. If you are interested in acquiring this painting it will be at the Live and Let Live Farm Rescue fundraiser on… Read More

Late night mural progress

After a long evening painting, I’ve got some more progress finished for the mural at Area 23.  Though it’s a bit dark at the moment, I’m happy with how it’s coming out. Each day is one step closer… Read More

New Opportunity

I followed my boyfriend to a local small-scale pet shop the other day. They have all sorts of interesting animals; lizards, snakes, fish – some small and some very large, birds, small mammals, aligators, etc. He was looking… Read More

Earth; Fragile Planet

A 3D Illustration I did for a project themed: “Earth; Fragile Planet” I chose to focus on the plastic soup in our pacific ocean by turning it into a plastic bag monster. =) This project is made out… Read More

Signatures Magazine

My Rose Illustration made it into Signatures Magazine’s online gallery of 2010’s honorable mentions! =) Thanks to Sarai for telling me to submit it. Click the image, or the link below¬†to see all the art that signatures has… Read More