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Pig Roast Sign

I painted a sign a long time ago for our family pig roast on a piece of cardboard. It was cute, then a few years in someone nabbed it from our driveway – who does that? Anyway, I… Read More

Winter Wonderland

This year’s theme for the Festival of Trees was a “Winter Wonderland”. I’m super happy with how this poster came out. I was really inspired and loved painting it. Below is the artwork before and after adding text… Read More

Festival of Trees

This year’s Festival of Trees was good. The theme was Inspiring Joy, which on the artistic side of things was a little too open-ended for me. I fell a little short on inspiration for the poster. I wanted… Read More

Sleigh Bells Ringing

Oh would you look at that! The holidays are back again! I once again created the necessary signage for our town’s Festival of Trees and for the first year since helping out with this part of the project… Read More

CZT 7 – Day 2!

Ack! Day two never got uploaded after the RI tangle search. D= These two Zentangles┬« were done at the seminar, the star is my 7-pointed start for this having been the 7th CZT training. The tile on the… Read More

CZT 7 – RI Tangle search

Here’s my “waterfire” tile inspired by the sconces along the river. We were asked to go find a new tangle around Providence and I thought I’d use the carpet pattern. I ended up using these sconces make a… Read More

CZT 7 – Day 1!

So it turns out that training to teach Zentangle┬« is sooo much fun. I wasn’t really expecting it to be arduous or boring, but it has surpassed my expectations of inspiration. I am so pumped up and raring… Read More

Warner Fall Foliage Festival

I’m out at the Fall Foliage Festival in Warner today! OOTS has a booth between Wingdoodle and Charlie Macs and you can find some of my prints there. We’re also selling buttons and giving out Apple Cider! The… Read More