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Bookmarks for Ogunquitangle

I’m attending Ogunquitangle in ME this year, organized by the wonderful Jenny Perruzzi over at Your Creative Spirit. Each attendee is asked to bring a little something that can be shared with every other attendee. Something small and inexpensive. A tool… Read More

Landscape studies

I did a couple quick studies from the photos I posted the other day. They’re a bit sketchy, but you can get an idea of the sort of work we’ll be trying to do on Saturday. Here’s to… Read More

Watercoloring Outside on Saturday

Here’s some info on a class I’m teaching this Saturday over at wingdoodle! (Weather report says sun!) Outdoors Watercolor Bring your paints, brushes and paper to the outdoors. We’re going down to the covered bridge, and maybe the… Read More

More classes!

I had a couple more classes since the last post. I taught a Intro to Drawing course last Tuesday, and a Colored Pencil Workshop today. I still have some problems keeping the right pace in the class but… Read More

Watercolor Samples

During my watercolor class and afterwards I had to make a lot of example cards to show techniques. Here are some of them together in case anyone wanted to see them. =) I’m happy with how the packaging… Read More

Watercolor Class

Watercolor Class went spectacular! It was short of perfect but it was my first class after all. I’ve planned a lot more classes from now til October and I hope a lot of people sign up. I’m especially… Read More

Watercolor Class!

I’m teaching a class! Beginner’s Watercolor to be exact, here’s the class info: “This Saturday is a watercolor class for those of us who want to just get started with painting. I will be teaching some basic watercolor… Read More