Category: Artwork

Pig Roast Sign

I painted a sign a long time ago for our family pig roast on a piece of cardboard. It was cute, then a few years in someone nabbed it from our driveway – who does that? Anyway, I… Read More

Area 23 Outdoor Sign

I’m working on a sign for out front of Area 23. I loved getting to do some hand lettering. Below is the final sketch, which will be carved of wood and then I can paint it. I am really… Read More

Mural Photos

Here are some photos, taken by myself or others, of the murals I did for Area 23, all finished!

Billiards Mural

I got the Billiards Mural up and finished! I had to take a couple last minute reference photos using their billiards table, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I’d like to put a frame around… Read More

Bathroom Murals – Finished!

The bathroom murals are finished! And we decided on names for the two rooms: Sheilas and Bruces!      It makes me giggle whenever someone says “That looks more like a man than a women…” I guess it’ll be… Read More

Bathroom murals in progress

I started work on Area 23’s murals! First up: The bathrooms! I dug out our (very) old projector and had to boot up my (even older) laptop to transfer the sketches onto the wall. Kirk was kind enough to… Read More

Sketches for a Mural

I met with the two owners over at this new bar-in-progress called Area 23. The two guys are great, very quirky and geeky. I asked if they had need of a bartender or artist, and they mentioned that they’d like… Read More

Pumpkin Study

I did this in college, but I liked the process for this project. It was interesting to see how the picture came out in each different material.

Winter Wonderland

This year’s theme for the Festival of Trees was a “Winter Wonderland”. I’m super happy with how this poster came out. I was really inspired and loved painting it. Below is the artwork before and after adding text… Read More

Kitty Commissions

I got a commission for some artwork of a few cats. She saw a painting I had done in a style of Acrylic paint on board, with Zentangle around it. One painting was of her friend’s cat, and the other… Read More